Pyramid Rising X33 Slot Review

Pyramid Rising X33 Slot Review
August 29, 2022

Pyramid Rising X33 Slot Review

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The most recent game that Win Fast has developed and already made available is Pyramid Rising X33. This slot machine has a few distinctive features, although the theme inspired by Ancient Egypt is not one of them. It has a vertical layout that is great for mobile screens and also has a few additional surprises.

Pyramid Rising X33 has 3 reels that are covered in 2-3-2 symbols and 6 paylines that are created there. Once you consider the 96.46% RTP, which is excellent, the 3,000x top jackpot functions adequately. This slot machine has wild symbols, free spins, and multipliers up to 33x.

Betting and Prizes

The minimum bet needed for a round is $0.20, which you might not necessarily anticipate from a slot machine with six lines. The most you can wager is $100.

3,000x the stake is a respectable payment from Pyramid Rising X33, but keep in mind that this is the best-case situation; you shouldn’t anticipate this payout to be the norm. Given its above-average RTP (96.46%), it has slightly superior long-term probability of profitability.

Features of the Pyramid Rising X33 game

You can use the wild symbol, which can be shown on the reels in place of other symbols. Pyramids won’t be replaced by it.

The Pyramid is a symbol that can appear on the reels, and doing so will increase the overall multiplier. This can lead to multipliers of up to 33x. Additionally, you receive a pittance for each of these symbols—just 0.20 times the bet. In between paid spins, the multiplier resets; however, free spins do not.

Regular winning combos open the door to the bonus spins, but winning requires three consecutive spins. In that case, you are given three spins. Every time a new combination appears, the number of spins remaining is reset to 3. The likelihood of that occurring is substantially higher. In this manner, the multiplier only increases, as I already said.

Theme & Design

It has a somewhat archaic design, and the concept of Ancient Egypt served as its inspiration. The reels have the illusion of being vertically positioned inside an Egyptian temple or pyramid (mobile phone friendly).

The design isn’t my favorite, but it gets the job done. All four of the low-paying card suits that make up the initial symbols pay 0.5 times the bet for a winning combination. Bastet, Anubis, and Horus are represented by the three premium symbols, which pay 3x the stake for each winning combination.


Despite the fact that Pyramid Rising X33 has several visual flaws, its uniqueness offers it a competitive edge. Pyramid Rising x33 may be a nice choice overall for a player seeking a retro-style aesthetic and low volatility, but there are many other possibilities of that kind that provide higher RTP percentages. Overall, I enjoy the slot machine; it is an authentic WinFast Slot game. It has nice graphics, and has some interesting bonus features. If you can locate it with the RTP set to the highest setting, it is definitely worth playing (96.46 percent) and gives about 3,000 times the jackpot per game.