Flames of Hephaestus Slot Review

Flames of Hephaestus Slot Review
June 19, 2022

Flames of Hephaestus Slot Review

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Flames of Hephaestus, a 5×3 reel mythology-themed online slot from Leander Games, brings back the legends of Ancient Greece. Heroes from Greek mythology are transformed into symbols, the backdrop depicts the majesty of Olympus, and it is up to the player to navigate this universe in order to win the great prize offered by the Flames of Hephaestus game. The road, however, will not be easy. High volatility will make the journey harder for the player, and a low RTP may annoy some of the high-rollers.

Prizes and Betting

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of the Flames of Hephaestus slot before making a decision. The smallest stake that may be made on this game is $0.5. This means that even newcomers and low-stakes players will enjoy themselves while playing the Flames of Hephaestus. Where does that leave the high-spinners and risk-takers? The maximum bet on this slot is a whopping $500. There’s plenty to keep even the most daring risk-takers delighted.

It doesn’t end there, though. The maximum prize that players may earn in this slot is 200 times their total wager.

As a result, the largest possible award is $100,000. While this is a little amount when compared to other positions, it is still a significant sum of money.

Casino gamblers reacted positively to it.

The minimum bet stake is €/$0.5.

It is not a traditional slot machine. There are 50 different ways to win at Layout.

A thrilling game with high stakes. The maximum wager amount is €/$ 500.

Features of the Flames of Hephaestus Slot

Let’s talk about the other side of online slots now that we’ve looked at the prizes. Specifically, the available extra features. First and foremost, there’s the unique WILD symbol. Just before the reels stop spinning, players are randomly rewarded wilds. The WILD awarded during this feature can be a single or a stack. Except for the Flame sign, which we shall examine next, the WILD symbol can be used to replace any symbol on the board.

Hephaestus is summoned when three or four Flame symbols appear on the screen at the same time. A ball of fire is thrown onto the reel by the God of the Forge, changing normal symbols into flame symbols. The player is granted 3 random free spins for every 5 flame symbols made in this manner.

Design and Theme

Flames of Hephaestus is a classic of the online slot market, with a theme based on Greek mythology. The main character in this slot machine is Hephaestus, and the game takes place at his forge. Using his anvil and bellows, he crafts magnificent bronze statuettes that appear to be symbols.


The Flames of Hephaestus is an excellent spot for both beginner and experienced players. The extra available enriches the game’s experience, and the subject, while not particularly novel, is executed flawlessly. It will undoubtedly keep ardent mythology enthusiasts entertained, and it might even pique the attention of those who want to study more.