Beer Boost Slot Review

Beer Boost Slot Review
June 7, 2022

Beer Boost Slot Review

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good beer? On a hot summer day, few things are as refreshing as a tall drink of ale. And that is the vibe he is looking for with his slot. Oryx Gaming’s Oktoberfest-themed slot, Beer Boost, conjures up images of a pleasant little pub and tasty, golden, foamy beer. What could be better than that? How about a variable RTP, ten various methods to win the jackpot, plus a slew of additional bonuses to make your experience even better? Let us take a closer look at everything the Beer Boost Online Slot has to offer.

Betting  and Prizes

Beer Boost was only recently launched. In truth, the position has only been open for a month. As a result, many people may be unfamiliar with the mechanics. In this area of the study, we will look at the betting options available on the slot.

First and foremost, consider how the slot appeals to low-stakes gamblers. Newbies and low-risk players alike will enjoy themselves with a minimum bet of only 0.1 Euros. It is understandable that many individuals enjoy playing slots without having to risk a lot of money. Beer Boost is the game for you if you’re looking for a relaxing game.

On the other side, high-rollers may be disappointed. The maximum stake on this slot is 100 Euros. While the sum is not insignificant, it pales in comparison to some of the other slots available, which allow you to wager as much as 200 or even 500 Euros.

Features of the Beer Boost Slot

Beer Boost, like all online slots, features a number of bonuses to make the game more entertaining. The Free Spins bonus will, of course, make the game much easier for any player. The player will receive 10 free spins if he or she collects three Beer Boost Badge symbols. If you get four or five symbols, you will get 15 or 20 free spins, accordingly.

The Barmaid symbol will come on the screen at random during the free spins phase. She will collect the awards that are attributed to the different sizes of glasses served at her bar after you have three or more barmaids. After that, the prices are added to your total win.

Design and Theme

Oktoberfest is, without a doubt, the main influence for Beer Boost’s concept. The background of the slot is a beautiful, rustic pub, reminiscent of old-timey pubs. The barmaid may be seen next to the grid, dressed in a typical German barmaid uniform, which is still worn by many women during the Oktoberfest event.


While the rules of the Beer Boost slot aren’t particularly innovative, it nevertheless manages to be a fun game, especially for beginner players. High-stakes gamblers, on the other hand, will be frustrated by the modest maximum bet. The maximum stake is arpund 100 Euros which is a little disappointing for high stakers; However, low stakers will really enjoy the 0.1 Euros stake which is the minimum staking price.